The HOT Plan™ offers heartwarming but hard-nosed lessons for how a high-trust culture allows everyone to win. Harvey Dean and his co-authors show that bottom-up empowerment in a climate of trust and shared accountability brings out the best in employees and results in a high-performance organization. It’s fitting that Dean’s key epiphany about the wisdom of decentralization came as a young track coach facing a failed first season; the way his individualized, athlete-driven training translated into track-meet success is a metaphor for how businesses adopting an employee-centric approach will race past competitors.

The HOT Plan is a great read for business leaders curious about how to build a high-trust, high-performing culture. Dean’s own uplifting story from frustrated track coach to fulfilled business owner will inspire, while the details of his program can help leaders begin to improve their own workplaces. If more companies take their cue from the HOT Plan, we’ll move closer to the worthy goal of a world with great workplaces for all.”

Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work® United States

The HOT Plan™, a tested and proven plan for a culture of corporate success, provides the means for attaining:

  • Responsibility for goal attainment from the corporation to the individual employee and team.
  • Individual and team goal setting and attainment.
  • Rising corporate productivity, thus profitability.
  • Resultant financial rewards for the individual employee and the corporation.

Whether you are responsible for a company, foundation, church, or community group, The HOT Plan offers proven guidance.”

Mike Robinson, Founding Fellow, Metis Leadership Group

“As someone who has seen first-hand the dynamic and game-changing success of Pitsco, I see this book as one that pulls back the curtain and reveals the magic. That magic is simple but powerful. Derived from coaching a struggling high school track team, the HOT principles are relevant to building culture and vision for the smallest business to the largest global company. Whether for aspiring entrepreneurs or corporate leaders, The HOT Plan™ gives essential lessons that will make a difference in the top line, bottom line, and long term viability of any organization. The wisdom presented in Dr. Dean’s book is pulled from the pages of his life’s journey; it is a wisdom that can only be gained through a lifetime of trial and error. I think you’ll agree with me … his experiences and his insights are difference makers ready for the taking.”

Steven A. Scott, President, Pittsburg State University