About The HOT Plan

Capture the passion of your team by tapping into the power of The HOT Plan™!

TheHOTPlanCoverMarch2016An organization’s culture is hot when it has teams of people working together to achieve organizational goals every day. Unfortunately, in the world of business, many companies struggle with a get-by workplace instead. A get-by workplace is a collection of individuals whose primary goal is to come to work, put in their time, and collect a paycheck. How can you heat up a get-by workplace?

The HOT Plan offers a way.

After an initial failure as a small-town high school track coach, Harvey Dean, Ed.D, CEO and cofounder of STEM education leader Pitsco, Inc., discovered the key that would unlock success for his team. Using this key, Dean tapped the real potential of each runner. Ordinary, inexperienced athletes became champions in just three years. As his career progressed, Dean learned that this key made champions in other organizations – in the classroom and in his business.

What is the key? Moving the locus of responsibility, Dean says, from the person in charge to the people responsible for the work. When the locus of responsibility is moved from the coach to the player, from the teacher to the student, or from management to employees, exceptional achievement follows close behind. But how do you do this – especially in organizations where the old ways are deeply entrenched?

The HOT Plan pulls back the curtain on the system that moved Pitsco, Inc. from a regional curriculum and education products company to a worldwide and award-winning STEM education leader. Using Must Win Challenges, HOT Targets, gamification, and HOT Check rewards, The HOT Plan takes you step-by-step through a system that will transform traditional, hierarchal workplaces into high-trust, millennial-friendly, and high-engagement work cultures that work for all generations.